11 Wisdom / CIB – Birth of a Savior: Day 11 of 13

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11 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11’s Intention is Resolution. When we manifest a change in our Self, our next step is to discern the Reason Why. We consider how the small change could be manifested as a Major Life Change in our future.

Tone 11 brings clarity for Understanding. The K’iche describe 11 as a set of Antennae, tuned in for the Discernment of a Divine Meaning and Purpose. When we Know there’s a Divine Meaning, our Heart has a Reason to carry on an Intention to Love.

Wisdom/CIB is the Day Sign of Enlightenment and Illumination. The glyph illustrates the  rays of Consciousness and Forgiveness emanating from the Human Mind. CIB offers the Wisdom of how Consciousness and Forgiveness go hand-in-hand for the discernment of a Divine Meaning and Purpose. We can only Reason Clearly when we have established a Right Relationship of…

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