birthing bed confession (audio poetry 2:30)

words divinely wrought

S.O.S.S.O.S. by Evelyn de Morgan, 1914

To you alone this confession I make,
I did not come here
to be entertained into slack-jawed obscurity –
Even in the midst of a talkative crowd
I seek to sink my line deeply into Divine waters,
The jib-jabbery of distraction bludgeons
the sanctity of a poised silence
Yet more times than I care to count,
I have wielded the weapon well

Between you and me and no one else,
I have time and again led myself
into a corner of self-created separatism,
Predisposed by an ardent architecture of Spirit
that renders instrumentation askew –
But I grant you willingly that I knew no other way!
And this I will not deny

Of my own volition I allow,
I have walked the plank
with my heart jitterbugging in the palm of my hand,
Neural ribbons clogged and jammed
with the rush-hour crawl of chemistry –

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