Decoding Duality – A Full Moon Sharing


While preparing for the new workshop ‘THE ADAM KADMON RECODED – Living Beyond Duality’, the following insights channeled from the Elohim guides on the inter-connection between duality and creation were, to me, both profound and humbling:

  • Duality is integral to creation or manifestation, since the very act of creation inevitably results in a field of polarity consisting of the creator and creation, potential and form, stillness and flow, infinite and finite, thinker and thought and other similar representations of duality

  • Within the field of polarity lies the seed of awakening to the truth that the creator is found in every creation

  • Discovering and nurturing this seed of awakening is the evolutionary path for humanity (termed as the Adam Kadmon Race by the Elohim). Thus, self-transcendence is the ascension goal for every human

  • It is only through understanding and embracing duality in its true nature and purpose (as…

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