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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, I know your Oneness like you know the nose on your face. You are just catching on to Oneness. You don’t yet know every inch or mountain of Our Oneness. Go ahead, take center stage. Express yourself now as far as your questions take you. You, valiant Godwriter, write!

At this moment, you, My Godwriter, informally speak and question and grasp that the words you write down come from a higher Consciousness and a bigger Source than your individual personality.

Ponder now outloud:

“Beloved God, now my fingers type on the keyboard, God, yet I also understand that it is You, God, Who furnishes every Godwriter the opportunity of making typos hand over fist. I guess my fingers are the culprit. I take the responsibility for this.

“More than this, I can’t believe that you require anyone to type manually on your behalf in the first place.

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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