Grounding our understanding of ‘frequencies-grounding’


In one of my recent reading sessions, a client shared how he has noticed his manifestation becoming more effective after having grounded himself more regularly. On this, his guides queried, “what did you actually do to ground yourself ?” and to which my client replied, “I am exercising more.”

His guides – a group of galactic masters – then offered their insights on the meaning and purpose of grounding and also suggested a few grounding methods.

Physical reality is constructed by metaphysical elements and patterned by crystalline light

The Earth’s vibrational components consist of:

  • 1st dimensional – metaphysical elements, namely, air, water, earth and fire
  • 2nd dimensional – crystalline light  
  • 3rd dimensional – minerals and other forms of matter  

As a vessel for creating experiences in the 3rd dimensional realm for the soul’s learning, the human body is constituted the same way as the…

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