The Wisdom of Imbolc, Candlemas, and/or Fèill Bhrìghde

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It’s that magical thin-time of the year again, so here’s some refreshed Imbolc-Candlemas inspiration to take you into this deeply creative, deeply Yin-Feminine time of the year.

Imbolc-Candlemasis celebrated during the first few days of February, and the exact-point occurs when the Sun is at 15 degrees of Aquarius — February 3rd this year (check your own time zone for any variations).

This is followed by the New Moon in mid-Aquarius on Monday, February 4th (check your zones for day/time in your area).

So it’s a nice few days to find some Muse time,gather back your dispersed energy, return to center, and restore your sense of what values and intentions are most important to you to embody, express, and act upon.

Imbolc-Candlemas also initiates what the late mythic astrologer Steve Nelson called the Candlemas Hora … a holy time. He said:

“This Mid-Aquarius “power gate

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