The Transits of February 2019 – A Quiet Month

The Stars Within Their Courses

After January’s busy and chaotic Eclipse Season, February looks to be rather calm and relatively uneventful. This would be a good time to relax, regroup, and reflect. There will be a few major transits with the Outer Planets, which may cause some people trouble, but the impact of these can be avoided or minimized with a little care. With that, let’s move on to discuss the transits of February 2019.


February 1 to February 3 – Aftermath

While most of February will be relatively calm, we will feel some of the after-effects from last month’s Eclipse Season. February 1, in particular, may see some tensions arise and tempers flare. This is because Mars will be square Pluto, and the Moon will pass over Saturn, bringing frustration as well. The important thing to remember is that we have a choice in how we respond to events and to people…

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