Simplicity in all things

Love's Beginning

Whenever it seems that you are lost, remember your very simple driving force: You want to wake up. What does it mean to feel lost? Whenever you feel distress of any kind, you are lost because you have believed ego’s suggestions. Because you want to wake up, and you want this more than any temptation to believe ego’s suggestions, you will wake up. It is simple, so remember the simplicity of it. When you remember simplicity, you shorten the time interval necessary for your wake-up and the wake-up of your divine siblings.

If you want to wake up, the means will be given to you. It is guaranteed. See the theme here? Simplicity. Complexity is for egos. We will come into the complexity and meet you there, leading you back to the peace of simplicity.

Whatever means you seem to be using to wake up, there is no comparison to…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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