From Anxiety To ZZZ’s: Using CBD As A Tool For Health Concerns

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Katie C.

Don’t you wish band-aids and kisses could still solve all your health problems? Some physical concerns  – skinned knees and paper cuts – can be fixed by sticking on a bandage. Other problems are more complicated. Many complex health concerns require a variety of tools to find solutions and discover relief.

Anxiety, for instance, generally isn’t resolved using just one approach … it is overcome by employing a combination of tactics including medication, supplements, coping strategies, patience, and support. But the bigger your toolbox, the more likely it is that you can develop the solutions you need to find relief from issues like insomnia and long-term pain. Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) can be a powerful part of that toolbox.

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CBD has been found helpful for managing sleep difficulties, reducing feelings of anxiety, and improving the mood. It has been used in the treatment of long-term pain, for…

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