‘Buffalo are our Brothers’, story by Cindy Carter

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By Cindy Carter

Buffalo are our Brother

I have had some Sasquatch Elders come to me in recent weeks – these are the same ones that have been guiding me for so many years without my knowledge – that is until SunBow and I did an interview in Chewelah, Wa. I just feel them as a council, a high council, no names, no faces, just the presence and voice and feel and ancientness and connection to the source of all things. When they come I know it, as its very strong energy. One day recently, I stopped in at a thrift store – I was looking at the book section and a book just literally jumped out with bright lights around it to get my attention.
It was a kid’s book – something like “The Baby Buffalo Ben” that thought he was a dog…

I flipped through it and then…

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