Thrush Dreams Revisited – Chasing a Dusky Thrush


The Dusky Thrush Chase

Birding is NOT a static activity either moment by moment in the field or over time as we follow our passions.  I am updating my Thrush Dreams post from barely a month ago (December 21, 2018) because yesterday (January 22, 2019) with Steve and Connie Pink, I traveled to Nanaimo, B.C.  to chase a Dusky Thrush that had been reported two days earlier.  When I first heard of this mega rarity, I was returning from a wonderful trip to New Mexico – part of my 50/50/50 project that will get at least one blog post of its own later.  I had never been to Nanaimo and had it pictured in my mind as “close to Alaska”.  Wrong!  It is a 2 hour ferry ride from the Tsawassen Ferry terminal outside Vancouver, B.C.  When Steve contacted me late on Monday – after I had returned from a…

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