Squeeky Clean



The Lunar Eclipse Energy is Powerful, Sqeeky Clean and so Enticing.
The Energy of Newness is definitely here and is propelling you forward with a big Swoosh!
How will you use this Energy ?
Take a hold of this Energy and Ride it to your Highest Good!
If youve been wishing to move forward on projects and lacked some courage now is the time to do so, the Universe is So behind you!
Also you may want to do a little something new and different, just for the sake of Newness and just see where that takes you.
If youre at loss with all this Energy and feeling scattered then try doing some cleaning,smudging and decluttering.
Clear your space of the old and any lower energy that might still be hanging around and get rid of anything that does not serve you anymore,that includes objects, thoughts and especially fears.

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.