You Are The Remodelled Conscious ~ 5th Dimensional Being

The New Divine Humanity

This is the Death and Rebirth of YOU ~ your consciousness, your form, your awareness, into greater Light Frequencies, into your Higher Dimensional awareness ~ of Being.

This is part of your ascension process and this is taking place Now ~ Through you.

This is the point of frequency consciousness of no return.

Welcome to the New World of YOU ~ where all of your perceptions have been REMODELLED to the New Version of You in Form as a Conscious 5th Dimensional Being. 

Where All Light Portals and gateways to The Higher Dimensional Initiations are Opened ~ and accessible ~ like never before.

And you are going through them. 

This is WAY beyond anything previously imagined.

Your Original Light is the Initiatory pulse ~  point frequency to these consciousness Portals ~ of Alchemy.

Your Original Light; fingerprinted with the Access ~ Readiness ~ Awareness ~ of your specific initiatory moments. These…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.