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Love's Beginning

Whenever you are fatigued, you have been attempting the impossible. It is actually impossible to show up as a separate you. Efforts to distinguish yourself from others–all comparative efforts–are fatiguing. So when you wonder why you are exhausted, it’s always the same cause, every time. You have been attempting the impossible, and the feeling of fatigue is your gift. It’s your clue. It’s a signal that you don’t have to attempt the impossible.

When you assign other reasons for fatigue–reasons based in the physical, in phenomenality–you are fooling yourself. Just notice and allow the reason-making to fade away. You attempt to assign a value and the strength to the physical that is has never had.

When you can see the impossibility of what you attempt in the physical, the meaning you are attempting to assign to it, you understand how to access the flow you are. The flow you are…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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