Entering Cosmic Consciousness ~ The Light of Your Eternal Being

The New Divine Humanity

Everything becomes Light, and you know ~ that is ALL there is.

There is nothing outside of this light.

It is infinite and it is forever.

Bathed in the Light and awareness of cosmic consciousness; you are ever-expanding.

You know you are one with this Light.

This is your Divine Eternal God Self. Your Original Light.

Uniting with your Eternal Self you have stepped out of time.

You enter eternity and are in union with your Divine Eternal Self and live in this state of Being, while in form. You are beatific Eternal Light.

The mystical transfiguration of knowing and seeing everything as Glorious, is the crown of radiance, placed upon your eternal heart.

Having no concerns of dying and being free from suffering, you live in and experience The New Earth.

Seeing through the eyes of joy, knowing all is unfolding perfectly ~ you rest in your Glorious Light Presence…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.