The Shift of Time and Energy!


First let me apologize for the major oops I did in the link I provided yesterday. I completely forgot to add what days the Unlocking DNA via Group Meditation will be held on, so my calendar did not continue its journey of booking those who wanted to sign up. So sorry!! The correct link and information is now working. The total fee for both weeks is $22, please do not hit two unless you are giving one to someone else.  Be sure to set your time zone to go to the next page:

There is so much energy coming in, crazy crazy really. There does seem to be another theme unfolding during our trek between eclipses, that is being stretched. Stretching our biology, our minds, our energy fields… There are some I have seen such amazing clarity in their core energy, matching the clarity seen int he mental planes.

What I…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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