Creation and Emotion – Eclipse Bookends

The Shift of Time and Energy!

eclipse energy

These are some strange electronic times we are having!! Hell, they are just strange times period. We had the Nation’s Tuesday night class last evening, which auto records on entrance. Went to upload the files to the website this morning, both folders are there, both are completely empty. I went to zoom, noting there either, which really stinks. I am hoping they magically appear sometime today.

The one thing I want to focus on today is the energies that make up these two eclipses we are sandwiched between. The partial solar eclipse started releasing its energy many days before we actually arrived in its timeline, the dark matter that was prevalent for days. Creation energy. We are still being infused with that energy, but now we are also starting to get the full lunar eclipse energy too. The pure emotion that gives life to Life itself.

So we now have…

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