Turquoise: The Sky Stone

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Turquoise has a long-standing history in the world that goes so far back as to predate its own name. Although the oldest piece of turquoise jewelry was found on a 7,500-year-old mummy, the name turquoise, meaning “Turkish stone,” was not coined until the early 13th century. The stone was given this name because Europeans believed it originated in Turkey, although it was discovered later that its presence there resulted from extensive trade with Egypt (Gems in Myth, Legend and Lore, Knuth). Turquoise continues to rank as one of the most popular gemstones throughout the spans of time and is both the traditional and modern-day birthstone for December.

Despite its earliest recorded history in “the Old World,” Turquoise has rich cultural meaning to our Native American nations as well. It is known by some as “the stone that stole its color from the sky.” The sky-blue color in turquoise results from…

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