2019 Year of Trust

Reflections of Riverman

As the Last talk of the Year and the New Year off to a rapid beginning I offer you an MP3  here on the page and my show notes as they were written on that very morning.
Of Course you can still find my posts on YouTube and yourListen if you so desire.
May your New Year 2019 be one of Peace, Light and Love – Riverman


SHOW NOTES 12.28.2018
What a lovely message to awaken to as the last talk of the year.
The day is a 6 representing

energy of service

harmony between the macrocosms and microcosms
and balance between helping and interfering

So the question is how are we going to express that in 2019???
What does Service mean to you?
What does Harmony and Balance Mean to you?

Many of us have been through a year of ups, downs, ins and outs and uncertainty, irregardless of…

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