The Portal of TRANSFIGURATION ~ New Year 2019, New Life ~ New YOU

The New Divine Humanity

The Portal of Transfiguration is the initiation and baptism of Divine GLORY, that transforms your body and your consciousness, to that of your God Self, living your Divinity in form, as Heaven on Earth.

Only when you are ready you will go through this Portal.

When you do, you will forever be changed.

On the mundane plane of existence, we are manifesting all we see as life, through our perceptions based on all of our beliefs and memories.

When a high enough percentage of those beliefs and memories lose their power over our waking consciousness, we then go through the Portal of Transfiguration.

Preparing as most are doing on the mundane level here on Earth for this Transfiguration. We focus on our inner awareness, feelings, beliefs and thoughts, that have occupied a place of power over us unconsciously,  that we now consciously,  desire to release, let go of and change…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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