Experiencer story, by Jennifer Browne

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By Jennifer Browne

I have a recent SAS story for your site which is quite funny. I will include it here with one of my SASQUATCH art pieces. It was so much fun working with my SAS and allowing them to do their magic. Have you had them help you with obtaining items you need as well? Thank you, Jennifer


I stood in front of my SAS woman expecting a nod of approval but as her eyes followed from my head to my feet, she stopped at my shoes and said “NO.” I was showing her that I had all the cold weather gear I needed to walk in the tall pines, from hats and scarves, to mittens and a warm winter coat. My tennis shoes didn’t pass the test.

“NEED BOOTS” she said, and this is when the conversation moved into a discussion about my GALACTIC feet…

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