Geography of the soul

Love's Beginning

What separates you from others?

What could possibly keep you from experiencing the love that you are with your divine siblings? What seems to keep you apart from the joy that you are? Specific things will arise. As these seeming-specifics arise, it is always your opportunity for joyous release.

Each time one of these seeming specifics arises, you are being given a wonderful opportunity to see how you actively block the experience of the Love you and all others are. Seeing how you block out of fear, you have the opportunity to notice the perception that leads to the rigidity of blocking. You have the opportunity to allow the perception to be removed, because it never kept you safe.

Here is an example. You are in a line of cars at the ATM. The line is not moving. The thought occurs, “It should be moving by now.” Now child-thoughts of…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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