When you’re done, you see the One

Love's Beginning

I received a lovely gift of support from a reader but couldn’t find a way to respond back, so I just wanted to say thanks to Darren. What a wonderful surprise!

And this is a good time to thank all of my readers. The energy you contribute helps to determine the message, and it is always a beautiful process for me to see the messages take shape. This feeling of all of us helping each other is an amazing gift, so please accept my sincere thanks for what you share in resonance.


You, as you see yourself as a separate and vulnerable person, are a child playing with toys. Your parent waits very patiently and lovingly for you to be finished with your play. It is only when you have put down every toy, when you signify that you are done playing, that your parent brings you Home. During…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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