ONLY in 3D ~ Absolve ALL That Appears as Evil

The New Divine Humanity

Although this seems like an unlikely post for Christmas Eve day ~ Happy Christmas Eve ~ There are many people still deeply immersed in 3D that this needs to be said.

I have heard it all, from the Devil, to the Archons that so-called invade people’s energy fields and attack them etc. AS if they are victims to these outside energy beings. COME on now, let us be real, as in SHEDDING the LIGHT on this.

These things ONLY exist in 3D.

Isn’t it TIME you finally let go of those same old same old STORIES you tell yourself of victimhood?

And face this straight on for what this is?

There is NOTHING outside of yourself!

The FEAR IS ONLY in you.

Those bad old demons that you think attack you or attach to you, those ARE YOUR 3D fears…and thought forms and those of MASS consciousness, held within your…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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