My Holy Presence ~ Divine Ascended Master Being ~ Invocation

The New Divine Humanity

In Divine Bliss ~  I Am anointed as The Holy Divine Ascended Master ~ BEING ~ that I am, now.

I live and Breathe ~  As My Eternal Presence ~ that forever Graces every moment with its Sacred Holy Light.

I Am Present in the 5th Dimension as The Eternal Light Being ~  that I Am ~ eternally and now.

My Holy Original Divine Light flows through me as the One God Self, United Holy Being ~ that I AM, now.

I have consciously merged through sacred eternal true Love, all aspects of my Being, my Holy Twin Flame, All that I Am eternally, in ecstasy, Now.

In Love and Bliss, I have transformed, I have awakened, I have acknowledged, ALL That I Am eternally, as the ONE Divine Ascended Master Being ~ Presence ~ that has forever and eternally Flowed Through Me, AS My Divine Original Light ~ Now.

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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