12.21.18 Solstice Blessings

Reflections of Riverman

SOlstice TiltSolstice – December 21 5:23 pm ET
23.5 tilt in axis of rotation
Full Moon Rises on December 22 @ 12:49 am ET


As with out so within… When we look at a diagram of the sun’s tilt of 23.5° if we add them they become a total of 47° which when broken down becomes 11

The number 11 represents the central union of the sky 6 and the earth 5, the union of the microcosm and the macrocosm, the polarity of internal human body organs as 5 Yang and 6 Yin

Then when broken down into a single number it is a 2 which is our basic duality yet has the ability to create harmony and peace and brings an end to separation.

So as I ponder on these aspects as we move into the calendar year of 2019 I feel that we need to come to…

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