Standing At The Edge

Reflections of Riverman

Welcome to the Edge…
The last moments of the Year always present us with much to reflect on.

As for me I begin to question everything that was obviously intended to move me forward in some sort of evolutionary direction. Thinking that each of us have moved closer to a better understanding of our tiny world among the stars.

I know !!! There is much to be reconciled and dealt with that is very negative which surrounds us like a thick fog. Yet, in the midst of that fog there is a deepening Trust in ourselves and our abilities to overcome it all.

So, as I wrote this Meme as I call them on facebook, I came to realize that something really different has been born within me. Not just another year or holiday season but deep within me at a level I’m not sure of.

Standing At The Edge

This deep inner Being…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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