Put first things first

Love's Beginning

You’re here to remember your freedom. The sooner you remember your freedom, the sooner you can share it with all others.

You tend to think of freedom as an independent, free-of-others kind of thing, but freedom is union with all others. Not with their masks and their efforts and their false, defensive fronts, but with who they are. Freedom is union. Freedom is the truth of us, and it’s something you already have. Any struggle to get free denies that you are free now and gives power to illusion.

Instead of struggle, we recommend focus–strong, steady focus.

What would distract you from the ever-present love you have always been? Nothing at all. In other words, illusion, that which appears to be a something. What illusion would you put before your awareness that Love is everything? Consult your feelings. Your feelings are a beautiful technology. Anytime you feel tension or contraction…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.