Expanding limitations

Sheridan Cooke

“Dear One, it’s time to get going,” Vesta remarked.

“Where to?” the woman asked.

“We’re going to the edge of your known Universe.”

“Which one?” prodded the young girl. “My repertoire of acknowledgment is pretty broad.”

“And I’d like you to broaden it, just a little.”

“Okay,” she agreed.

“You’re reading my mind,” the woman said.

“All of us are able to read minds, you know,” Vesta commented. “As are you, when you’re no longer tethered to your physical body.”

“I have a favour to ask,” the cynic stated. “If you don’t mind, please.”

“What’s your favour?” Vesta inquired, as the wind began encircling the cynic, looking for an opening.

“I’d like to ameliorate my fears of being in close, intimate contact with someone without feeling as though the world is going to collapse in on itself.”

“It won’t collapse in on itself, but it might show you some areas…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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