Lessons in detachment

Love's Beginning

We encourage you to become detached from everything. Free yourself. You free yourself by accepting our assistance in perception correction. We correct your view of attachments in a way that allows you to release them. 

Observe: You are already fundamentally attached to everything. You are everything. You can’t get more intimate than that. So when you feel the tug and pull of worldly attachments and the experiences of suffering that they bring, it is safe to stop and ask for assistance in perception correction. Ego would have you believe that if you are not attached, you do not love, but ego speaks from pain. The attachments of which ego speaks are guilt, and there is no need for guilt of any kind when all are innocent.  

Pain–both emotional and physical–comes when you are attached to a surface through the means of a false identity. Pain is a helpful alarm: You…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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