Divine Mother via Jennifer Crokaert – How to Practice Enlightened Self Care – 12-10-18 – by Steve Beckow – via Golden Age Of Gaia

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Divine Mother

My dear children,

I am reaching out to hold you in my arms to enfold you in peace that can only come from a Mother’s loving embrace of her children. I see your tiredness and exhaustion, I see how the exacerbated energies of dearest Gaia, in her final moments of labour, are tiring and often confusing you.

I understand, with the gentleness only a Mother can assume, the weight of exhaustion that being buffeted in the warring media battle.

Each one of my precious children is like an iridescent pearl, a soul fragment of All That Is, experiencing duality and all the pain that comes with that – at present – and transforming it into compassion for others, peace within the world, trust within families, sharing within communities. Every moment you reach out with one of the virtues of the Divine spirit, you…

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