Devalue the currency of illusion

Love's Beginning

When you think something is both important and threatening today, you are immersed in the illusion. You are treating it is if it is more real and more powerful than Love. You feel small, and something other feels big. You are fueling the illusion of separation.

Our invitation to you is to consciously decrease the value and the apparent immensity of the illusion whenever you can. At first you appear to value something more than the illusion. You turn your attention to Love, the isness that permeates all things and can shine through all illusions. You seem to value it more, but Love takes you to a place where you understand that valuing is not even a function you have.

Much like judgment, valuing is another game of pretend. It’s pretending that illusion is real and therefore powerful. Illusion is nothing. Poof, and it’s gone. What truly is–that is the…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.