Special Message From The Alcyone Pleiadian High Council  ~ Return of The Goddess ~ December 2, 2018

Rose Rambles...

Channeled by Artemis Pax

Editor’s Note: It is indeed refreshing to read from galactic sources about the inherent failure of patriarchy used globally across Planet Earth. As a woman, I weep for the men who do not understand  that “might” is NOT right with intention to bludgeon their way to success using any means possible.

For me, this article is a signal to the observant that the time of “change” is at hand where the system of patriarchy will be undermined and discarded as both sexes on Earth work to establish the rise of true spiritual principle of unconditional love (which are genderless) as a method of global organization. Please read, think about this, and…



The Goddess is a metaphor for the feminine principle in all beings. She is strong and fierce, but at her core is unconditional love, unity, tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness. She is both warrior…

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