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Love's Beginning

Where do you perceive wrongdoing now? Where do you perceive wrongdoing out in the world, amongst the people in your life, in yourself? Congratulations, you are looking upon sacred sites. You are looking upon places where great transformation can occur, where ancient hate and confusion can be met with love, dissolved, dried up and blown away, revealing the Love that was always there underneath.

One thing you should know about Love is that it is foundational. It is encompassing. Is is never not present. It is always there, no matter where your focus.

You are in charge of your focus. If you focus upon ever-present Love, the drama you chose over harmony will dissolve. If you focus upon ever-present Love, the world you now see will transform into a reflection of what has always been here underneath the drama you chose. You made the experience of a choice beyond the…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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