Receive and give thanks

Love's Beginning

On this day of Thanksgiving in the United States, let us observe why you have great cause to be thankful.

Give thanks that all minds are connected. All minds across time and space are linked. This means you are never alone, and you truly are in this together. As one allows healing of perception, all come into remembrance of the Whole that has never needed healing. What can come through you today, quite effortlessly and naturally, that will assist in healing the perception of all the beautifully differentiated aspects of the whole? Do not limit yourself, for you are limitless. So are all others.

Every day is a day to see that all are limitless. When you encounter mind erecting and reinforcing limits, stop and give thanks that all are limitless. Be the conduit that allows this to come into expression.

Give thanks that nothing is private. You truly have…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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