ASHTAR via James McConnell – Pleiadian Fleet Are Preparing

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I am Ashtar.It is always wonderful to be with you in these times and moments in the midst of these many changes that are occurring and are about to occur.

I come at this time to share with you those outer happenings that are occurring above you in the many ships, the many fleets that are here, those ones that you have heard of that have been parked just outside of your atmosphere for some time.And as we have said several times that we have come closer and closer, even to the point where we have begun more and more to uncloak ourselves so that those that have eyes to see can see us, and that of thePleiadianfleet that is preparing not only a great celebration, but they are planning an operation, you might say, an operation that will bring this even closer—disclosure–closure and closer to you.In order for…

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