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The evening before my talk, I pulled a Sacred Space Meditation Card created by Elinor Von Linden to ask what to speak about.

The card was…
My destiny is to remember my divinity; my free will and God’s are one and the same.

If we can remember the beings of light and love that we are, then there will be no more prejudice, judgment, control, sadness, separation, and war.

Today I will remember.

Let the Love FlowVideo Replay on YouTube

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So on arising I begin to seek confirmations and a video about Water Memory was front and center as I tuned in to Social Media.

 REMEMBERING… that without water there is no memory because there is no life.

Right now we have many diseases which are affecting remembering and the whole process of memory.

Water Always Flows

Evolution requires memory or we repeat certain functions lifetime after lifetime…

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