JENNY SCHILTZ – Tsunami Energies assisting with Timeline Shift – 11-3-18 – Ascension help, Energy Update, the guides, My perspective

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Tsunami Energies assisting with the Timeline Shift.

Many are feeling as if there is no push, no motivation, and no direction and in fact no solid ground to stand on. What was once clear and directed may now feel fuzzy and vague. It is uncomfortable, to say the least.

There feels to be a lack of stability in what we call our reality. That is due to the shifting of the grid system, the collapse of lower timelines and the opening up of new higher dimensional realities. How this can be translated into the human form can be quite dramatic.

Many are feeling anxious, exhausted, stressed in body and spirit, and directionless. I woke the other day with massive anxiety that swirled through my chakras. My mind translated it into one of my old fears about financial stability, yet I knew that this wasn’t accurate. When I connected into the feeling I came to realize that the…

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