It’s safe to emerge from the conceptual loop

Love's Beginning

You don’t need any protection.

What you are is your protection. The reality of the Whole of us all is your safety. It’s your foundation, and it’s your guide through what seem to be ever-changing circumstances.

You are protection.

When you are able to observe how you attach to thoughts of conflict through belief, you are able to see the process of projection and to allow the seeming power of those thoughts to wither and die as your true power–power with everyone, excluding no one–arises.

If you find yourself in a situation with another that you are tempted to label victimhood, remember that you and the aggressor made the situation together by attaching to fearful thoughts. You emerge from the situation by accepting beautiful thoughts and the state of no-thought. You emerge not by being the stronger one and triumphing in a conflict, but by observing the equal strength, innocence…

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