Right under the surface

Love's Beginning

Ego’s suggestions are optional.

Take that in. Go slowly. This is our advice for your day. Go slowly. Notice what ego suggests, and notice that it is optional. Sit on a park bench with ego. Hear a suggestion. Wait. Allow it to fade.

The more you slow down like this, the less you will mistake egoic thought for true thought. When you are not so busy with the tangle of egoic thought, you have a lot more energy to appreciate one another.

When you slow down, you can see egoic thought for what it is and ask for other options. You always have other options, and they are scintillating right beneath the very thin surface of egoic thought. Think of egoic thought as a sparse spray paint–a permeable coating used to obscure loving thought. When you are willing to allow distortion to subside, you will gain access to inspired or…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.