Blowing In The Wind: Practical Suggestions for Energy Shift between November 15-17, 2018.

The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee

We will see 5 significant astrological shifts occur between November 15-17. This will bring some clarity to the nature of change and direction of growth Jupiter in Sagittarius brings for the year ahead.


Mars will shift into Pisces

The Mean Node will shift out of Leo/Aquarius and into Cancer/Capricorn.

The Moon will shift into Pisces

Venus Retrograde will end

Mercury Retrograde will begin, conjuncting the Great Attractor

* * *

General Suggestions:

Keep your eyes on the ball .

Karmic hooks can come up – stay clear unless you want to revisit their lessons.

People are more likely to be more grandiose about what they think and believe to be true. They may be more likely to try and project their vision of the way the world works onto everyone else.

Sift through the hype and don’t fall for the glitter.

Sometimes truth can be sparkly and pretty, but…

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