Phenomenality serves healing

Love's Beginning

You are eternal.

If you are eternal, then so is everyone else. That’s how it works. We draw your attention back to this very basic truth. When you are focused upon what seems limited, pan the camera back to what is true. The eternal has no limits. The eternal has no conflict.

Remember also that  when you are experiencing conflict or limits, when you seem to struggle against them–you have called that experience to yourself. You can also call the remembrance of eternality to yourself, and that is as simple as abiding with us, as abiding as who you truly are.

Eventually, the perception of eternality eclipses the perceptions of conflict and limits. That is the purpose of time now. Time’s purpose used to be to keep the illusion running. Now time’s purpose is to extend peace until time itself is overcome. That peace is extended through you, because peace…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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