love has never abandoned you (redux audio poetry 3:46)

words divinely wrought

hs-1998-25-a-full_jpgCelestial Maternity Ward N81, NASA Hubble Space Telescope

Do you see that this moment has been created for you?
Every needle has been lovingly placed
into every waiting groove
In intricate precision, an evolutionary procession
wends its way to the threshold of your soul

While you slumbered,
while you slept,
while you jitterbugged about
in a fragmented search for the sacred,
She gingerly prepared for your imminent arrival,
with not one iota of doubt that you were on your way

She placed silks on pillows braided
with the frequency of your birthsong
Filled vessels of oils scented rose and frankincense
Gathered fruits succulent and bursting with life
Gently blew the breath of awakening
into your unfurled mouth
And held you in an embrace so tender
that it may have escaped
your hardened senses

Love has never abandoned you,
though you may have felt it so
You have never taken one…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.