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Whilst the energies are indeed shifting, it´s wise not to jump the gun. Give things a little more time to settle before making huge decisions.

With Jupiter at 29 Scorpio, Uranus at 29 Aries, True North Node at 29 Cancer, Chiron at 28 Pisces – we´re being bombarded with waves of cosmic energy. Their direction isn´t crystal clear yet.

And with Jupiter bound to enter Sagittarius within the next 10 hours, it´s wise to give a little bit of breathing room before the next big leap.

Moreover, we are seeing other shifts happening, focused 8-10 days from now (Nov 15-17).

Think of the next week as prep time for the following:

Shifting of the Nodes

Some astrologers are celebrating the shifting of the Nodes now. But it´s wise to remember that there are two calculation methods to them: True and Mean (Average) Nodes.

The True nodes have indeed shifted, but…

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