I Believe in the Change

Moments with Millie

I woke earlier this morning and made the mistake to get on FB for inspiration to then read about another shooting. Ugh. I’m sick. I’m so sick over the unbelievable events taking place in our backyards.

Let’s not pretend this is new. It’s old news. It’s been happening forever but I (in my naive loving heart) continue to believe that we are evolving as humans. That we are spiritually seeking ascension into a higher vibrational earth. That we have a handle on things…..

Maybe, just maybe, this is happening more frequently so we can stand up and make a difference. Perhaps this is a final calling card from the heavens to rise up and change the system, the corruption, and begin to heal this planet.

I really don’t know.

I do know that change is happening because things are appearing quicker. This hatred must stop. And those who fuel it…

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