November Energies – What to Expect

Hey all, thought I would share a bit about what’s happening this month in regards to the planets & how their position might affect us all.

I will start by listing key dates then share a bit more about each one if them. This is just a general one and applies to all but of course each one of us will be affected slightly different due to our own birth chart (you start sign, moon, rising etc.) which you will have to look into yourself! sorry!! 🙂

  • Firstly, its FREAKING SCORPIO SEASON until 22/November !!! the best of all the signs right 😉 – Sun is in Scorpio!!
  • Venus is still in retrograde until 16/November
  • New Moon in Scorpio 7/November
  • Jupiter enters Sagittarius 8/November
  • Venus Retrograde Ends 16/November
  • Mercury retrograde 17/November
  • Sagittarius Season begins 22/November
  • Full moon in Gemini 23/November

So what the heck do all these transits actually mean…

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