Grand Fixed Nodal Cross – Energy Re-Set – The Only Constant Is Change! (w. Venus, Uranus, Nodes)

The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee

Guidance for the current Grand Fixed Nodal Cross with Venus Retrograde at 0 Scorpio, Uranus Retrograde at 0 Taurus, the North Node at 0 Leo and South Node at 0 Aquarius.

The nature of this Cross will change on Halloween, as Venus Retrograde backs into Libra. We can expect this intensity to continue till November 2nd (at least).

Either way, the fact that it´s going down at 0 degrees of each Fixed Sign allows us to re-set patterns we never thought we could!

Remember that further, more expansive, shifts occur in November. The kind of energy we face now is one that allows us to make dramatic changes, beginnings and endings to patterns of energy, ideology, material investment, emotional commitment, sexual expression, creative embodiment and body-and-Earth awareness at this time. (To name a few)

It can be a profoundly transformative alignment, but bear in mind that firm grounding is required…

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