MELANIE BECKLER – A Return to Divine Love – 10-29-18

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Return to Divine Love- Channeling the Ascension Council of Light


We bring you the simple reminder now to return to the underlying peace and knowing of the Divine Love that is within and all around you.

The Divine Love, and Life Force Field, which will guide you through the maze of density perceived as your present reality. Through the seemingly “Haunted House of Lies” spun as the web of illusion, which from within your present paradigm perspective seems and feels very real.

Just remember, there is so much more.

Drop out of the insecurities and fear of the mind and become one with the light and the peace within you. Attune your body and energy to the crystalline grid, and the new earth paradigm of peace and love emerging from within the old.

And as old energy, as past pain, as trauma and fear arise… As challenge and hardship present within your experience…

Consciously choose your response.


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