we are here for each other (audio poetry 2:12)

words divinely wrought

Dara-Herman-Zierlein“The Many Hands of Faith” by Dara Herman Zierlein was part of the Massachusetts Office on Disability “Breaking Barriers” Art Exhibit in 2017.

I wrote this piece in 2013 and have posted it here several times.
Full title is I Suppose We Are Here For Each Other.

I suppose I am here for you,
to hold your hand in mine
and in the other, an outstretched lantern
penetrates a narrow causeway

And so gingerly together we take each step,
toes probing the darkness
anticipating a slipslide of all we believe is solid
all that we believe will lift us out of the muck
and into the miraculous,
all that we believe

I suppose you are here for me,
to fill the bellows of my heart
breathe lightly into crannies
where disappointments of the past
once chose to dwell

And so we cast away our shards of trepidation,
link arms…

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