Expedition on the Peak, on the Equinox, with photos, by SunBôw

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Expedition on the Peak, on the Equinox, with photos, by SunBôw

Life has been intense and busy, leaving me no time until now to write an account of our expedition on the nearby peak last equinox. Four of us drove up the long rocky winding road up the steep slopes to first go visit the altar I had built on the summit at solstice.

The rocks were still standing, but all the offerings we had left were gone, including small pebbles humans would not have noticed. Only the burnt copal remained, stuck to the rock. The night we had gifted offerings there, I had seen a large saucer land right there.

We turned around and as we drove along the hill, I saw a young Sasquatch crouching in the ravine along the road, but the driver didn’t stop. We parked next to a high ridge overlooking the whole valley with…

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